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Dr. Alan Fuller

Dr. Alan Fuller has practiced in Sunninghill for more than 20 years. He has a special interest in childhood illness, Executive Health Assessments and minor surgery.


Dr. Anton Coetzee

Dr. Anton Coetzee is a General Practitioner with a diploma in Occupational Health. He has an affinity for general medicine, Paediatrics and Sports Medicine.

Dr. Jenni Kruse

Dr Jenni Kruse trained at UCT and has completed the Royal College of General Practitioner Exams in the UK. She has a special interest in Paediatrics, Care of the Elderly and Women’s Health. She works part-time – mornings only, except for a Wednesday, when she works in the afternoon. She’s a keen runner and a mom of 3 kids.


Dr. Craig Howes

Dr. Craig G. Howes practices part time in the Sunninghill Medical Centre as a General Practitioner. He also works for Mediclinic and the Netcare group in emergency and aviation medicine. While he is comfortable practising in most general practice fields (including paediatrics and gynaecology) he has a special interest in end of life ethics and palliative care. He is currently the principle investigator for a research project in this field. Aside from his clinical duties, Craig is a director of the Brånemark Institute of Excellence, South Africa: a multidisciplinary unit involved in the treatment of head and neck malignancies based in Morningside.